The mandate of the Canada Mexico Chamber of Business is to enhance and foster the business links between two of the members of the largest Regional Market trading area NAFTA.     



To nurture a constructive environment that empowers Canadian-Mexican Business and entrepreneurs to increase their network of contacts facilitating new alliances and partnerships. Having as a principle core of our chamber the creation of business relationships based on social responsible development and other ethical principles for the sustainable development of the two economies Canada-Mexico. 



Create a prosperous environment for companies established in Canada and Mexico seeking to successfully realize their International commercial relations.


Priorities for action 

The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business, acts and puts into practice initiatives and projects that are considered necessary or beneficial to the general interests of the economic relations between Canada and Mexico, with information obtained from private and government sectors the Chamber develops a permanent action to improve the economic environment of companies, articulated under four main axis:


1.Representation of the general interests of the private sector.

The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business, promotes these interests mainly through an active approach of relations with government, institutional, national and international administrations.

The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business plays an important role in strengthening trade between companies based in Canada and Latin America.



The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business has as a priority the promotion of trade between Canada and Mexico.


3.Information and advice

The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business provides information services to companies, on the economic structure of their market and their foreseeable development, from a general point of view as in their specific activity sector.


4.Promotion and development

The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business promotes the economic development of their boundaries, anticipating their future needs of equipment, promoting the necessary infrastructures and initiatives to the general interests of the companies.